Increasing the utility of your estate

There are an estimated 20,000 non-residential car parks in the UK, that's a total of 4 million car parking spaces. These parking spaces are located at park & rides, airports, railway stations, council buildings and commercial buildings. They are often treated as simply the start or end of a journey, until now.

Generating energy savings

Car parks occupy an extraordinary amount of space and this space is solely being used for cars. Imagine a situation where it is also being used to generate energy. Every shopping centre, county hall, school, cinema and park & ride car park could be covered with solar panels which do two things: protect the cars and generate energy savings.

Taking charge

The popularity of electric vehicles has exploded over the past few years. As well as increasing the utility of an estate, it is also possible to charge EV’s from our solar carports. This application is ideal for retail parks and office buildings where people can charge as they work or shop.

Non-residential car parks in the UK


Car parking spaces in the UK

4 million

Powering the future

Solar Cloth Company’s award winning solar carport solutions enable a car parking estate to be transformed into a source of sustainable and clean solar energy whilst increasing its utility and economic value.

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