World leaders

We are the world leaders in solar PV integration, bonding and the creation of application in the area of solar PV and fabrics.

Since 2005, when Founder Perry Carroll first became involved in the solar industry, the focus has always been about creating applications and products using lightweight and flexible PV as the base requirement.

The first solar solution that Perry and the team worked on was a SolarSail for the yachting industry. Perry, an avid sailor, was sailing in the Newport to Bermuda Race when he thought he could design a system to power the electrical devices on his team’s boat. This project, the SolarSail, turned out to be the catalyst for the formation of Solar Cloth Company. While this is an in-house project, the completion as a commercial product is drawing ever closer and various trials have been completed and the R&D continues today.

Research sits at the heart of Solar Cloth Company

There is an inherent desire to research and find the best solution, to break new ground every day, ensuring that we economically create clean energy for our clients.

Working with a close band of trusted researchers and chosen Universities, we have built up an international reputation for breaking through technology barriers and creating applications that have excited the commercial world’s interest. As a result of this hard work, we have received recognition from prestigious industry awards and industry acknowledgements.

The right solution

Our projects range from creating solar paint, disaster relief blankets, barrier layers, luggage, drones and beyond. The scope of R&D that we have carried out is always led by the principles of working with lightweight and flexible PV and providing a commercial solution rather than for a pure research purpose. If you have a potential research project that you'd like to discuss please email or call us.

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