Leveraging your estate

There is an estimated 835 million square meters of non-load bearing roof space in the UK. They are on supermarkets, farms, retail parks, datacentres, warehouses and industrial units and have extraordinary potential for generating energy.

Load-bearing roofing

Load-bearing roofing is a traditional roofing system favoured for many commercial and residential structures and is easily recognisable as tiled roofing and can support the weight of traditional solar panels. The frame of the building is steel and the walls and roof are often insulated metal panels. These roofs can take the load of hard glass PV.

Non-load bearing roofing

Non-load bearing roof structures cannot support the weight of hard glass PV panels (the type normally found on your roof) because they compromise the structure or integrity of the building. They are simply too heavy, having a typical weight of 15kg per square meter. By contrast our Solar Cloth panels are only 3kg per square meter and can be easily retrofitted onto these non-load bearing roofs.

Si solar panels typical weight

15kg per m2

Solar Cloth typical weight

3kg per m2

Redefining solar

Solar Cloth solutions open up opportunities for solar panels to be applied where previously they could not: non-load bearing roofs, curved roofs, lightweight carports and tensile fabric structures.

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