The possibilities are endless

Tensile structures are tensioned fabric or membrane used as a roof, canopy or dome. They can be iconic architectural fabric structures that define a building or standard fabric canopies that make a statement. These fabric based structures are iconic landmarks in our cities and in particular sporting landscapes and entertainment venues.

Clean energy innovation

Recently, we merged with Base Structures. So we are now able to provide retailers with a design in keeping with their brand, architects with a structure to reflect their sketches and planners with an iconic installation to enhance existing structures. Imagine quality beautiful structures that include the benefits of generating clean energy, offsetting carbon footprint and providing shade and shelter.

Solar fabric future

It is now possible to integrate renewable energy generation into elegant fabric structures at a competitive price point and without compromising on design or aesthetics. By combining Solar Cloth with tensile structures, we are taking solar into a new market.

Most famous tensile structure

O2 Arena walk-way

Working with the UK’s leading tensile experts

Creating fabric structures that produce solar energy

Redefining solar

Solar Cloth solutions open up opportunities for solar to be applied where previously they could not: non-load bearing roofs, curved roofs, lightweight carports and tensile fabric structures.

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