Solar fabric future - We have merged with Base Structures

We are proud to announce our merger with Base, bringing together 18 years of experience.

Together we will be working on designing and implementing elegant and lightweight fabric structures and carports that generate clean solar energy. 

BASE design, manufacture and install iconic fabric structures including ‘Up at the O2’ Walkway on the Millennium Dome, London 2012 Basketball Arena and The Ben Ainslie Racing Headquarters at Portsmouth. 

By combining the two companies’ expertise, it will be possible to integrate renewable energy generation into elegant fabric structures at a competitive price point and without compromising on design or aesthetics. The initial focus of the two companies will be on a range of solar carports, a nascent market that is failing to coalesce due to a high price point and poor design.

At present, the price is too high and the structures too utilitarian and inflexible. Our merger with Base Structures means we can build light weight, adaptable and beautiful structures with a realistic business case – making solar generation possible where it wasn’t before.

Michael Staplehurst
CEO, Solar Cloth Company

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