Solar Cloth - lightweight flexible panels

Redefining solar

Current silicon solar panels (the type normally found on a roof) are typically 15kg per square meter and non-load bearing roof structures cannot support the weight of these panels. By contrast, our Solar Cloth panels are only 3kg per square meter, and can be easily retrofitted onto existing or new roof structures.

Non-load bearing and lightweight roofing is an application area in which, until recently, solar has not been able to be deployed. It has exceptional potential as these types of roofs are often used on supermarkets, retail parks, datacentres, warehousing and light industrial units – in the UK there is an estimated 835 million square meters of non-load bearing roof space.

Advantages of Solar Cloth

Fits many roof types
Durable, non-breakable
No structural reinforcement required
Lays flat so no tilt required
Minimum panel spacing required
94% thinner than typical Si panels
Transform your roof

Integrates with roofing surface

Peel and stick adhesive means a Solar Cloth system integrates easily with your roofing surface.
No mounting hardware
No roof penetrations
Superior wind resistance
Low profile
More energy per roof

Performs in all light conditions

Solar Cloth works in low-level light conditions. This means that from the moment there is daylight the system will start producing energy until dusk.

Performance is efficient and reliable

Aperture efficiency


More efficient than lightweight flexible silicon


Shading tolerant meaning when 20% is shaded, your reduction in electricity is only


Increase your roofs economic value

Energy and financial gain

By installing Solar Cloth onto roofs or structures which cannot take the weight of typical panels and may have been overlooked before, you can achieve both an energy and financial gain.
Typical payback year


Savings in balance of system (BOS) and installation costs

30% to 40%

Energy now and in the future


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